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theglobalbio is a website-related biography of a famous and trending person. We write informative biographies of celebrities, Sports people, and trending people. We start with the backstories and catch up on the present. All the information is primarily taken from reliable sources like,,, prestigious Newspapers, Magazines, and other various reliable sources.

We do not guarantee/claim that the information we have gathered is 100% correct.

Founders of

Two friends start

About Suhail Khan

Suhail khan is like to explore new technology. He handled all the things related to technology, did all SEO-related work on the websites, and researched new topics for giving you.

About Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is very good at writing and reading English. From childhood, she like to reads the news and updated herself on Bollywood and actors. On this website, Muskan Sharma handles all work-related content writing.

Goals of

The Goals of are to provide correct and quality data about your favorite persons.

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